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Running a successful IT service delivery team requires continuous response to Help Desk tickets and delivering the highest level of service to ensure optimal customer satisfaction.  Optimizing IT resources for your most important initiatives is a priority, and your Help Desk can become burdened with printer related tickets – a major detriment that causes those crucial projects to lag.

According to the International Data Corporation, a whopping 23 percent of Help Desk tickets are printer related.  One of the easiest ways to reduce tickets, reallocate resources and improve customer satisfaction is to implement and maintain a Managed Print Services (MPS) program. Reducing help desk tickets with MPS has a significant impact on an organization’s bottom line.  According to the Gartner Group, most companies can potentially reduce their printing expenditures by anywhere from 10 to 30 percent through an MPS program. 

Fully understanding all costs related to print is an excellent first step in the engagement process. From managing supplies to constant service costs, managing your own printers can be incredibly expensive and time consuming.  Some of the core functions that can be moved from the IT Help Desk to a trusted MPS partner include:

  • Toner level monitoring and replenishment 
  • Toner procurement and inventory management 
  • Troubleshooting printer issues 
  • Printer repair 
  • Printer procurement/installation/training 
  • Printer software implementation and management 
  • Ongoing optimization of the environment 
  • Print reduction strategy and implementation 

The impact of a MPS program on the IT Help Desk can be transformational.  Removing print tasks from your Help Desk is the first step in reallocating IT resources and engaging those resources with more crucial IT tasks. 

A strategic engagement and long-term partnership will save your company money, streamline your fleet of equipment and improve workflow.  Best of all, adequately managed MPS processes will not only eliminate your printer related Help Desk tickets, but also ensure your IT time and budget are optimized.   

Interested in seeing how managed print services can help your organization reduce IT Help Desk tickets?  

Contact imageOne to schedule a complimentary Discovery Call – we’re here to help! 


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