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Rachel Meyers-Hawk

Rachel Meyers-Hawk

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IT Efficiency

3 Tools and Software To Jumpstart Digital Transformation at Your Business

Digital transformation isn’t just a snappy catchphrase. It’s a fantastic strategy that every business should, at least slowly, be working to achieve. If you’re not familiar with the term,...

4 Tools To Keep Your Staff & Business Healthy As Offices Reopen

The COVID-19 pandemic isn’t over. However, as rates decline and strategies to decrease transmission strengthen, more companies are choosing to re-open their office spaces, even if at a reduced...
Temperature Scanning Kiosk
IT Innovation

4 Health Devices To Keep Your Business Safe from COVID This Winter

Temperatures might be dropping, but rates of coronavirus keep rising as people choose more indoor activities to escape the cold weather—which also increases the risk of transmission. Now, business...
Innovative Office Solutions for Re-entry from imageOne
IT Strategy

Innovative Office Solutions for Safe Workplace Re-Entry During COVID

If you’re like most businesses, the COVID-19 pandemic caused a swift and resounding change to your office’s life as you once knew it. Suddenly, previously packed buildings sit empty out as...
Print Reduction

Break The Addiction: 3 Reasons Why We Feel The Need To Print

What is it that makes us strike ctrl+P time after time, even when we know it increases costs and decreases sustainability within the office? There are actually many reasons—from bad habits to...