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The concept of managed print services can be hard for IT leaders to wrap their heads around and see the value in. Too often, we hear things like “it’s too expensive” or “it sounds good, but I don’t have time,” when the reality is a good managed print provider will help you save time and money while making your life easier in the process.

There are so many misconceptions about managed print that we decided to pull together the 5 most common and debunk them!

Myth: Working with an MPS provider is a time-consuming, massive project. It’s a major disruption to my business.

Too many companies believe that adding managed print services to their operations will take a ton of time and cause a major disruption, but MPS is not a massive project. It is a time and cost-saver that starts returning value almost immediately.

Another thing we hear quite often is that their current solution works – and “if it isn’t broke, we’re not going to bother changing it.” This mindset is really limiting the potential value that a good MPS strategy can provide for your business.

Myth: MPS is just a “cost-per-page” payment

Another myth is that managed print services is just a cost-per-page add-on, and that is it largely unnecessary. The truth is, we find that when companies take such a harsh view of MPS, it is because they tried something similar and never realized the value. MPS is so much more than that!

Any good managed print services company is going to put the right device, in the right place, for the right person. Ultimately, a managed print program that is customized to your needs is going to reduce time that the IT department will spend managing print.

Myth: All MPS partners provide similar programs

The thing is – every MPS partner is different. While their programs might seem similar at first glance, the difference is often like apples and oranges. Many MPS providers will tell you that the service is a commodity and all that matters is price, which is the trap that many businesses fall for and get stuck with inadequate results and poor service.

Myth: It’s going to cost me more

Some companies think that adding managed print services to their operations is going to cost more than handling their printing needs in-house. Normally, this misconception arises from the fact that they haven’t worked through the math.

One crucial element of this solution is having just ONE vendor for all of your printing needs, including paper, toner, equipment leases, and service contracts. Plus, cash inventory is no longer sitting around unused. The savings add up big time.

Myth: I’m going to have to buy all new devices

Finally, some companies think that contracting for managed print services means that they will have to buy all new devices. However, we can build an assessment based on the devices you have, and guide you in a long-term approach to upgrading your devices as needed.

Managed print is often misunderstood – and that causes businesses that could really benefit from MPS to miss out on the cost-savings and time efficiencies these services provide. Don’t let this happen to you!

Looking for ways to start saving today? Check out our 7 Ways to Reduce Print Costs cheat sheet!

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