Finding the right Managed Print Services (MPS) provider can be a difficult process, especially when every provider claims to be the best for your needs. Services provided are not one-size-fits all, but an assessment can be helpful in determining how to drastically cut down on print volume, as well as reduce the time that your IT help desk spends on printer related issues. 

If you really want to save time and money by optimizing your document environment and helping your IT department focus on what matters most, you need to find an extraordinary MPS provider that works for you.  

Here are the top 4 traits you should be looking for in a progressive MPS provider:

  1. Strategy Alignment

Do their strategies align with yours? Your MPS partner needs to meet and keep up with your expectations. You may be impressed with the services they have provided to you for the first 3 months, but how about 6 months later? Your MPS provider should be keeping in close contact with you and helping you grow in any capacity possible.

  1. Issue Resolution

Ask them for references. This is a crucial step in finding out how reputable your potential MPS is. Most MPS providers are more than ready to provide you with a laundry list of gleaming reviews from their clients. What you really want is to find a provider that has a reference that may have experienced an issue with them in the past. When you have an opportunity to speak with a reference like this, you will be able to find out whether the issue was fixed properly and if they still utilize them as a partner. Mistakes happen, and it’s important to find a partner that makes it right when things go wrong. A reputable, top-notch MPS provider will be more than happy to find a reference of all variations.

  1. Inventory Management

Your IT Help Desk has enough to worry about – and inventory storage hassles should not be one of them. You want a MPS provider that will be well ahead of the game by tracking how much ink and paper you have on a consistent basis. This means they keep an up-to-date inventory and they are proactive about replenishing your supplies. If your MPS provider has supplies from the Silicon Valley Stone Age, which nowadays is anything more than a few years old, it might be a tell-tale sign that they don’t take their inventory management seriously. 

  1. Stellar Communication and Customer Service

In the age of smart phones, it is so easy for people to keep communication to a bare minimum. A MPS provider should provide absolutely stellar customer service with top-notch communication with their clients. This means regular in-person meetings, phone calls and emails to evaluate the metrics of your print volume, cost savings and MPS experience

Next Steps:

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