3 Types of Print Management Software Every Business Needs

There are many types of print management software on the market and they all have a wide range of cost, applicability, and reliability. How do you find which ones are right for you and your business?

The first thing to do is to get a full understanding of what your needs are because print management software doesn’t follow a “one-size-fits-all” approach. A reliable managed print partner will work with you to understand your challenges around print, your goals, and how they can be addressed. Then, they’ll determine the right software to address those specific challenges.

Here are our recommendations for software and how they can benefit your business:

1. PaperCut

Papercut is a wonderful tool to give you insight into what you’re printing so you can better analyze how to control printing costs.

These behavioral insights will help you accomplish two things:

  1. Make informed decisions based on actual usage in your printing environment with critical data located on the user-friendly dashboard.
  2. Set rules in place to drive down costs, like, “No printing emails in color” or duplexing documents over 20 pages.

2. LaserFiche

LaserFiche is all about workflow and the automation and digitization of documents. Customers often tell us things like, “We have too many filing cabinets and when I’m looking for documents, I can never find them,” or “We’re trying to find a document from 7 years ago and we can’t find it.”

With Laserfiche, you can use your existing copiers and scanners to scan all of your documents into a repository that allows you to quickly categorize, search, redact, or retrieve the documents you need. It even has mobile capabilities!

3. PrinterLogic and Printer Cloud

PrinterLogic and Printer Cloud are two great programs that both allow you to eliminate print servers by going back to direct IP. This makes managing all of your print devices easier with a simple dashboard.

These tools will automatically search for printers near you when you visit other company locations. With the click of a mouse, you’ll be able to download the drivers to your computer so that you will have immediate access to print even when you travel.

It also allows IT professionals to send out firmware updates right from their desktop without the need for a print server.

Implementing each of these programs requires different levels of installation, training, and time. If you’d like assistance in determining the right software for you, we’re happy to help and we invite you to schedule a discovery call with us today!